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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Asteroids, Homeschooling and the Associated Press - Oh my!

The following satire offers a glimpse into the recent most ridiculous buzz:

It's Official: An Asteroid Wiped Out the Scientists 150 Years Ago

After all, when in doubt, blame an asteroid. No other disaster will do.

When I was a child I once acquired a mainstream “educational” coloring book about dinosaurs. The last page in the book featured two parrots with the caption, “This is what dinosaurs look like today.” But I thought they were called birds, and nobody forced me to think like that. Following that train of thought, I would later conclude that Evolutionists don’t know science from Adam.

Consider this quick test: What is science?

If you answered, “The only unbiased, infallibly truthful source of answers that we know of,” then you are likely of evolutionary upbringing. I don’t mean any personal offense, but you’re also wrong. Science never gives us infallible answers. Essentially, it only asks questions. Science is a procedural tool used to discern evidence about the workings of the natural world (the key word being discern). Colloquially speaking, the definition of science is more inclusive than that, but let us be technical here. After all, the beginning of a good education in a subject should be to define the subject, shouldn’t it? [Insert the next few thousand Socratic questions here]

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